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In South London, our Gas Safe registered boiler engineers provide comprehensive boiler servicing to keep your heating system in prime condition. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure efficiency and safety. Our expert technicians conduct thorough inspections, clean components, and perform necessary adjustments. By scheduling routine servicing, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns, lower energy bills, and prolong your boiler’s lifespan. Trust in our commitment to professionalism and safety, ensuring that your home or business in South London stays warm and comfortable throughout the year.

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Boiler Servicing in South London

During your boiler service, our Gas Safe registered engineer will visit your home at a pre-arranged time to inspect, test and clean the main parts of your boiler. This helps to ensure everything is working properly and safely inside, and the parts are doing their job effectively. Your engineer will test the main components and be able to spot any issues with how your boiler is performing, too.

Most boiler services only take around 30 minutes. They’re easy to arrange and quick to carry out, so cause minimum inconvenience with maximum benefit!

While plumbers are able to do many jobs related to water and pipes, not all plumbers are qualified to work with boilers or central heating systems. For any work on your boiler: from installation to repair to servicing, you need a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. They may also be a plumber, but not all plumbers are heating engineers!

Almost always, yes. While a boiler service is important for ensuring your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid, it is crucial for maximising the health of your boiler anyway, and can help lengthen the lifespan of your central heating system.
We can service your boiler at any time of year that’s convenient for you, and many people like to arrange a service once they move home and then for 12 months following, so the time of year will be decided by this. If this isn’t the case, some homeowners favour their boiler being serviced at the end of summer. This is because we can check everything is working as it should be for winter, and clean and inspect your boiler so it’s all ready for the colder weather ahead.

We advise customers to have their boiler serviced every year, both to keep their manufacturer’s warranty intact, and to keep their boiler working effectively. Parts wear out over time, and dust and debris builds up, so by having an annual service these things can be tackled and your boiler can be kept healthy for longer.

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